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about tome consulting

We are part of a broad business network… 

Founded in autumn 2009, Tome Consulting is managed and run by Tom Elberling specializing in business consulting and execution of business operations, including marketing and sales. However, the company also has access to a broad network of specialists and business partners to draw on for project and development teams and for specific assignments in areas such as IT, finance, legal matters, design, analysis and research.

about the name

Providing new insights and solutions… 

The name Tome Consulting (ˈtōm kən-ˈsəl-tiŋ) is a construct of Tom Elberling’s own name and the services we offer: consulting and execution. Additionally, a tome is a volume forming part of a larger work, typically a scholarly book. This – being a part of a larger process where solutions and answers are forged – is the concept behind Tome Consulting.

In so many words, we assist you in finding solutions, setting goals and reaching them.

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about the profile

Get to know us…

Tom Elberling, Director of Tome Consulting, has more than 20 years’ experience with strategic management and business development in Europe, the United States and Asia. His core expertise lies in business consulting, strategic marketing and customer relations & sales.

Besides his involvement with Tome Consulting since 2009, Tom Elberling has held the following positions:

  • Head of Customer Relations & Sales with the Danish shared service company Forca A/S
  • Strategy Manager with the global consulting company Accenture
  • Sales & Marketing Manager for three start-ups (graphical communications, ERP systems, advanced web tracking and analysis)
  • Area Sales Manager for the Danish industrial conglomerate NKT

Tom has wide-ranging experience in strategy and sales and marketing initiatives, including:

  • Formulating and implementing corporate strategies
  • Diagnosing need for and rolling out marketing and sales tools
  • Formulating and implementing international business processes
  • Building and operating sales and marketing organizations
  • Choosing, rolling out and operating CRM systems
  • Market penetration, building of agent networks and project sales in Europe, USA and Asia.

Tom Elberling also has an MSc in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School including MBA electives from the University of Washington, WA, USA. He is fluent in English and Danish.


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